I.I.A Profile

Established in 2001, I.I.A is an investigative & consulting company. Experienced in all sorts of investigations in various fields with offices worldwide.

Our team includes experienced investigators, audit experts and former government's secret intelligence agencies personnel.

I.I.A's worldwide branches working around the clock in order to serve our clients where ever they are, implementing complex international & local investigations in any field depending on the risk or need.

Using our knowledge and a wide range of contacts we are able to coordinate with all known intelligence services worldwide and provide detailed reports to businesses and conduct secret intelligence analysis and/ or inquiry in order to expose fraud, cyber-crime, property crime, background reports, money laundering investigations, technical traces, missing persons, commercial litigation, forensic accounting and due diligence investigations.

With an excellent reputation, our worldwide clientele includes leading banks, organizations and governments.

We work in cooperation with the best intelligence and investigative arms in the world:

  • Vanguard Associates Investigations Ltd. - UK.
  • De Kort & Partners, private investigators - Brussels.
  • Spectrum Network International – Kenya.
  • MINORI GROUP ltda. - Brazil.
  • Professional Investigations and Consulting, Inc. – Florida.

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