Founder & Team

Mr. Moshe Buller

C.E.O and Head of I.S.C opretional unit. A former leading investigator in the Israeli security services and a former agent in the Israeli intelligence and interrogation services. In 1995 set up a private investigation company acting as the head of the East Europe branch of the service. Licensed by Israeli Ministry of Defense, Holds an International Private Investigators license.

Ms. Barb Channing

Barb Channing is Australia’s I.I.A Detective and a qualified corporate investigator. Barb possesses 25 years of management consulting experience and is highly accomplished as an international workplace practitioner, Having worked in over 30 countries. Barb specialises in corporate criminal activity, missing persons, cross-cultural conflict, illicit substances, sexual persecution, fraud, safety matters, bullying, harassment, illegal fraternisation and workplace conflict resolution.

Mr. Ken Hawkins

Head of the US Liaison Department and head of the investigations in the USA. Retired State and Local Law Enforcement Officer & fraud investigator for the prosecutor’s office. More than 35 years investigative experience, specializing in embezzlement, fraud, asset location, banking, land title insurance issues, commercial litigation and personal injury.

Mr. Daril Cinquanta

In his career with the Denver Police Department, Detective Daril received about 200 commendations, as well as the Medal of Honor. Since his Retirement in 1990, he has been the principal of a successful private investigative agency offers expertise in Surveillance, civil investigations and criminal investigation.

Mr. John Toale

Retired FBI Agent. More than 24 years investigative experience at the FBI, with primary emphasis in the area of white collar crime, has supervised and been active in multi agency task forces and presented evidence of complex investigations in criminal & civil courts - a CPA, with strong background in public accounting & private industry.

Mrs. Delma Linkolen

Head of the Asian unit. Manages all the operations from the units offices in Hong Kong. A former leading official in the Interpol.

Mr. Abdalla Abdu Mane

A former chief investigator in the World Bank African Sector Mr. Mane operates and manages a wide range of operations in Africa including preventing the smuggling of diamonds , gold , quartz and currency he is active in fraud prevention and providing intelligence and investigative services to a wide range of companies interested in operating in Africa .

Mr. Roly Baker

Retired Scotland Yard Detective with over 30 years service. investigating economic crime and fraud on a National and International level working closely with law enforcement agencies with experience in the investigation of serious and organised crime, corruption and covert operations. The I.I.A establish a world contact with Mr. Baker agency for investigations and consulting in cooperation with Vanguard Protection UK.

Mr. Steven (Sam) Gander QGM

Retired British Special Forces soldier, spent 9 years working with the SAS on undercover operations in hostile environments. Since his military service he has spent the last 20 years in commercial security in the Republic of Panama and Central/South America. Now working as I.I.A agent in Panama & south America.

Mr. Mwendwa Mutiso

Risk & Investigations Manager - Spectrum Network International Ltd. Spectrum Network is a leading Commercial Security Risk Management Consultancy and Investigations company in Africa with head office based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Chief Superintendent (Ret.) Asher Ben Artzi

Chief Superintendent Ben Artzi is IMS Cyprus’ International Coordinator. He spent his earlier career with the Israel Security Agency (ShinBet) and the Israel National Police. He was the Director of the Security Department and later the Director of the INTERPOL in the Israel National Police. He is well connected with law enforcement agencies in the level of serious and organised crime. With more than 34 years of experience in law enforcement, Chief Supt. Ben Artzi provides invaluable consultation on security matters for IMS Cyprus' clients. He is responsible for the coordination and management of the company's international client accounts.


Based in São Paulo, Brazil. since 1994 provide Business Intelligence & Corporate Investigation, Risk Management Consulting and Security Assessment to big and small public. Study profile and the criminal potential, which threatens the organizations and preventing criminal actions against the physical and intellectual property.

Mr. Alexander Kuleshov
Head of the investigative unit in the International Investigation Agency I.I.A in Ukraine. Head of the Investigation and Intelligence Operations division in Ukraine.

Mr. Michel de Kort

Licensed private investigator for Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. Founder of “BSO Ltd” and “de kort & partners Ltd". Field of expertise: corporate investigations, asset-persons tracing, due diligence, company espionage, counterfeit, fraud, pre-employment checks, insurance fraud, financial and Litigations.

Mr. Ya'acov (Jack) Shooshan

I.I.A representative in Canada in the fields of intelligence, investigations, Threats & Risks analysis and Civil Aviation, Maritime and Border Security. More than 25 years of experience within the physical security environment, with the Israel Security Agency (ShinBet), El-Al Israeli Airlines/Security Division and Visual Defence Inc., Mr. Shooshan provides a versatile background with insight and hand-on experience in a worldwide security consultancy, planning, implementation, operations and projects management, within the security of civil aviation, borders, embassies and critical assets, maritime, and dignity protection. Holds ICAO AVSEC PM and IMO PFSO certifications.

Mr. Gabriel Elias Marcano Pernia

I.I.A representative in Venezuela.

Mr. Nuno Pinto

I.I.A representative in Portugal.

A member of LIDEPPE - League of Portuguese and European Private Detectives.

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