International Intelligence Agency
International Intelligence Agency

Privacy Policy

The IIA values and honors each individual’s right to privacy. That’s why we work according to the guidelines of existing information privacy and/or data protection legislation.
All client information will be kept confidential in accordance with the law of the country of their residence.

IIA is committed and responsible to its customers, wherever they are. Under the guidance of our team of attorneys at law, the information we collect is kept private.
No information is shared with other organizations or individuals.

We work under GDPR.

For more information, contact us at:

Israel: + 972 544 317466

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IIA provides a wide range of investigative consultation and intelligence services...

Cyber Solutions

IIA’s competitive edge rests in the competence of our detectives, highly...


We take measures to ensure your right to privacy remains highly protected...

Military & Home Land Security

IIA works with leading manufacturers such as: Boeing, Fokker, Lockheed Martin ...

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